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Expensive beauty products are often associated with luxury. They are what you buy when you need more than what your regular drugstore product can do. They are your personal investment in yourself and your beauty. When you buy expensive products, it means youโ€™re ready to step your skincare game up.

However, given their price tag, it canโ€™t be helped that you regret using them or paying for them. Still, if they show promising results, it will be worth it. Here are things you can do to quell the regret and instead use your products wisely:

Turn to Cost-effective Products to Balance Your Beauty Splurge

You can get a miracle serum to hydrate and nourish your skin and make it look as youthful as ever, but that could eat up most of your beauty budget. To balance it, look for products for other parts of your face that you can save money on without compromising your look.


For instance, there are plenty of eyebrow makeup online that will not cost an arm and a leg, but if you know the basics of eyebrow shaping and grooming, you can still get a pretty similar look to when you use an expensive product.

Another thing that does not have to be too expensive is your moisturizer. Plenty of drugstore products already work wonders, and paying for anything more than that will not make a difference in the result, anyway. Itโ€™s best to invest in a good primer and foundation instead.

Use Your Products as Recommended

You may have bought an expensive facial scrub that promised to unlock the real beauty of your skin, but if youโ€™re too afraid to use it that you end up only using it sparingly, you will not see the promised benefits at all.


Conversely, if you use the product more than usual, it might end up damaging your skin. Especially for physical exfoliants, you should not do it daily because chances are, the other skincare products you use also have chemical exfoliants in their ingredients.

Products that are not advertised for use when you will be exposed to the sun may likewise cause more harm than good if you misuse them. Though you paid top money for your skincare products, that doesnโ€™t mean they will be perfect for your skin if you donโ€™t pay attention to their instructions.

Buy Cheaper Items in Bulk

That very expensive lipstick need not be your sole beauty purchase. You can get so much more for your money if you choose to buy in bulk the items you use up easily or apply daily.


Facial Wash, which will not expire in the next month, for instance, can be bought in larger containers or in packs if there is a discount. Itโ€™s the same with eyeshadows and makeup palettes. Pay attention, however, to the expiration date of the products. If they are sold for cheap and in deals that are too good to be true, maybe they are old and nearing their expiration date.

Your beauty products boost your confidence and help you get through tough situations with a little more self-esteem. Go ahead and buy on those expensive items. But make sure youโ€™re making the most of your purchase too.