Today’s article I’m going to do an overview of Palmer’s Coconut Oil Leave-in Conditioner. For dry damaged or color-treated hair. So this has no sulfates caravans.

No. Listen let’s.

I believe that’s how you say you forgive me saying it wrong. No mineral oil no gluten. No dice. So this is natural. Coconut oil right here. This is how it looks.

And that’s pretty much it.

I’ve been using this for a month now. I like to use products for a month to give me a good reason that I really like the product. And if I do I create an article about it and I like to be honest with my audience and you know not everybody can afford very very high end expensive two hundred dollar hair, Sarah.

For instance, you know we got to be a little bit realistic here. OK. Because the average American and not just only in America but the world don’t come from a rich family.

All right.

Got plenty of money I guess. I’m being straight up. So you want to get a good product that’s affordable but also that works and the head don’t it doesn’t have so many chemicals in it as well. OK. I don’t use you know the condition of this with the shampoo.

I don’t use those. So what I normally do because I do oil treatments on my hair once a week or twice a week and I wash you with the shampoo and then with the horse shampoo because the horse shampoo means and the tail has moisturizer and so which is really good for my hair.

And it’s been helping a lot I’ve noticed changes in my hair is also not only shiny. It’s kind of grown a little bit too. And I will also do hair mask from the bottom of my hair and then I will apply the coconut oil here milk smoothie from polymers so I wanted to try this and I’ve been trying this for a month and I love it.

So what I would do is you. You’re done washing your hair right. You get microfiber hair it’ll always juice microfiber hair tower.

Don’t use a regular towel on your hair because it’s going to break and make your hair frizzy. So once you do that you leave it in for a good 30 minutes or 20 minutes just to make sure your hair is damp.

Once is damp then you spray the bottom of it here. I like to do from the neck down because my hair’s long depending on how long and how short your hair is.

Just basically do at the bottom. And go like that and just leaving and then was fully dry. You can add if you want the hair milk smoothing but just a little bit.

Don’t put too much because the problem was with me when I put too much of this it was too kind of. It’s just it says to put a little bit.

Well, I didn’t say greasy I would just say it was too heavy for my hair. Now I know why in the destruction this is to put it only had a little bit because a little bit goes a long way and it’s nothing you want a product that a little bit goes a long way.

So that’s always good to have a product like that. Now I would just put a little bit after this so it goes hand in hand with these two products and I really like to leave-in conditioner because it leaves my hair nice and soft.

This smells good. And it also has a shine to it.

Now I just feel like for me it works a little bit better when I put a little bit of this at the ends of the bottom of my hair. I’m. But everybody is different.

Do I recommend this? Of course, I do it’s affordable you can get it at Wal-Mart and yeah I’m telling you Palmer’s product is great. It’s really really good. So anyway thank you so much for reading this article and see my next one. Take care.