You don’t need beauty creams and serums to look younger. Sure they reduce fine lines and minimize wrinkles, but you’ll have to do more work to look younger. The fashion decisions you make play their part in your youthful appearance as well.

With the right fashion tips, a bunch of flattering accessories and vibrant colors, women in their 40s can easily shed off a few years from your age. You just have to be a little more careful than before with online dress shopping.

Not sure what outfits to choose to look younger? Here are some fashion tips that might work in your favor:

#1: Lengthen Your Legs

A simple decision such as the right pair of shoes and a cool dress can come a long way in making you look younger. My recommendation is to stick to the designs that elongate your legs. Take some inspiration from Nicole Kidman. The shoes and dress she wears create an illusion of extra height.

#2: Shorten Your Hemline

Who says miniskirts are for school girls only? Shorter hemlines work well for women of any age. If you don’t want to over-do it, then take notes from Celine Dion. She has balanced her mini-dress with long sleeves and long boots.

#3: Highlight your Shoulders

Don’t be afraid of showing your skin. You need to highlight the right places. The easiest option is showing your shoulders. It is a perfect way of scoring a youthful look despite your age.

Fashion experts say quit worrying about your wrinkles and veins. You are not the only one out there. Just wear some makeup and you will be fine. Add some lotion on the top for smoothness.

#4: Choose Bright Colors

Darker shades add authority in your message and appearance. Why not go for a change and try brighter shades? These shades are more fun and open. Best of all, they make you look younger. Bright colored clothes and accessories highlight your facial features. They also make you look fresh.

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Latest Fashion Trends for Women

#5: Go For More Coverage

I know I know, I just talked about showing skin. It’s flattering indeed but once in a while, go for coverage. In this case, choose a turtleneck. It draws the eyes up and brings less attention to the weight around the midsection.

Coverage helps you keep the attention to the top and bottom. That’s why it matters what type of pants you wear and of course, shoes. If you are not a big fan of turtlenecks, wear a shawl collar instead.

#6: Embrace Different Patterns

If you have always been a fan of solids, experiment with different patterns. And when you pick the right patterns, it gives a bigger impact. Avoid stripes, geometric, and zigzag patterns. They look conservative. Instead, go for softer edges. Since you are particularly wearing patterns for looking youthful, choose curved ones. Brighter and colorful options are highly recommended.

#7: Buy Stretchy Pants

Do denim jeans make you uncomfortable? You are not the only one. Fortunately, there’s a miracle fabric out there called Ponte. It has a synthetic blend. Since you can stretch it, this makes it more flattering.

When you are buying stretchy pants, make sure they either hit your ankle or reach the bottom of your shoes.

#8: Get a Great Jacket

A nice jacket is a must-have. It looks cool over a dress and jeans. The best options are leather or matte black. I prefer wearing a single-breasted jacket with strong shoulders.

#9: Choose a New Pair of Glasses

Changing your glasses can impact your entire look. It has a lot to do in making your look youthful. Dark and heavy frames emphasize wrinkles and shadows under the eye. In some cases, they also make your facial features appear harsh. Experiment with color this time. Feel free to choose a sparkly frame to brighten up your face.

#10: Ditch the Trends

It feels good to be a part of a trend but trends are not for everyone. If you follow all the latest trends, it throws you into the group of people who are “trying too hard.”

It is important to dress younger but that doesn’t mean you start dressing like your children. By this time, you should have established your own signature style. Fill your wardrobe with timeless pieces instead of trendy clothes.

#11: Choose the Right Heel Height

Image: https://keyassets-p2.timeincuk.net/wp/prod/wp-content/uploads/sites/50/2017/04/Silver-Shoes-1.jpg

Heels make you feel commanding, confident, and uncomfortable. But you can avoid this by choosing the right type of heels. The ideal option is a mid-height heel. You can choose kitten heels or block heels for day time. Block mules and metallic court shoes are good options as well.

#12: Wear Statement Earrings

With the right pair of light reflecting earrings, you can add a youthful glow effortlessly. It also draws the eyes away from problem areas. Pick an unfussy style that looks modern and goes well with your personal fashion style.

Final Words

With chic and body-flattering clothes and the right pair of accessories, you can transform your look and appear more youthful. Even if you are planning to buy Pakistani dresses online USA, the way you accessorize it will determine how flattering you will look.