rebound sex

Breakups are traumatic and tough. However, once you are over it, you can always go for rebound sex. Many people have a poor opinion about rebound sex. Although, that is not true at all. Rebound sex can be liberating and fun. You can get the whole episode of your ex out of your system.

It can help you move on from your ex as well. You can discover a new relationship with someone new. Also, going out there and meeting someone new can be exciting too. You will soon be able to forget about your ex as you will not have any time to overthink about him/her.

In fact, it is the easiest way to get laid. Just tell a girl that you recently broke up. You will get some sympathy and it will actually work in your favour. Although, before opting for rebound sex, you should probably ask certain questions to yourself. Some of them include:

1. An excuse

You use sleeping with other people as an excuse to get over your ex. Although, the truth is that you are actually looking for a good excuse to sleep with new people as your relationship made you feel restricted. If your last relationship was toxic, then it is even better to indulge in a hookup.

2. Work with the emotional pain

Sometimes having sex with someone will help you in dealing with emotional pain. Sex helps in releasing stress hormones and thus, it will help in calming you down.

There is no point in thinking and sulking over your ex. It is important to understand that the chapter is over. Hence, it is a good idea to take things slow and indulge in rebound sex. Do not just jump off in the next relationship.

3. Just break-free

It is a good idea to have fun after a breakup. Stop wallowing in self-pity. It will only make you sick and tired. Also, overthinking will cause you more pain. Instead, meeting someone new and indulging in sex will make it fun and exciting both.

Go on a blind date or approach a beautiful girl in the club. You can also approach a girl from your group. Just look around and break-free. You will surely need that after a breakup.

4. You are horny

It is okay to feel horny. When you are in a relationship, you end up having regular sex. Once you break up, it can be difficult to find someone whenever you have an urge. You want to be in someone’s arms and experience the bliss of carnal pleasure. It is total to okay to indulge in one.

5. Know yourself

Before getting in to rebound sex, understand yourself first. If you are someone who feels an intense amount of passion and love for someone easily, then it is not the best idea to go for a casual hookup.

However, if you are someone who understands that sex and love can be spate from each other, then you must go for it.

6. Do not compare

Also, understand that your rebound relationship is going to be a simple and casual one. It is a no strings attached kind of a relationship. Do not compare it with your last relationship. It will only wind you down. Just take it as a new and fresh experience.


If you find a great partner, then rebound can be fun too. However, it is important to understand that rebound sex will not instantly make you feel better.

It will work as a distraction for sure. Also, after you feel better you can gradually jump into a relationship too. Sometimes good rebounds can turn in to good relationships too.


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