spice up your sex life

Once you indulge in hook up with your partner regularly, it is easy to slip into a routine. The same goes for a relationship. Actually, it is sometimes even worse in a relationship. Even sex becomes a daily boring chore like work, eating and going to the gym. Monotonous and boring. You have to put in some effort to ignite the fire in your bedroom and spice up your sex life.

It is necessary to spice things up with your partner or else both of you will start looking for thrills elsewhere. In the end, your relationship will no longer exist and you might have to find someone else.

Do not let that happen. Read on to find some interesting tips to spice up your sex life.

Learn new intimate positions

Well, doing the routine might give you orgasms but, trying new positions will give you new thrills. This one is the easiest and thus, you can take some efforts in keeping things fun. If you want your partner to pass while screaming during orgasms, then you must study new and different sexual positions.

You can browse the internet for bits of help. You can also talk to a friend you are comfortable with. She/he might be able to share some of their sexual adventures with you.

Become dominant or explore your submissive side

Well, a mild BDSM can always work. It is a good way to spice things in your bedroom. Most relationships have one partner that is slightly dominant than the other one. So, it is a good idea to change positions and mix it up a little bit.

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Apart from that, if he is the one who usually changes positions, then you might want to change this time and surprise him. If she is the one who initiates sex always, then you might want to be the aggressive one this time. Also, if you are the one who always starts the foreplay, then hold on this time. Give him a chance to try.

Explore each other’s fantasies

Everyone has a sexual fantasy. Some are bizarre while some you can give a shot. Many people find it weird to share their fantasies. Thus, you might want to make your partner comfortable and ask him/her in a casual conversation about their fantasies.

If they reveal something, you can try setting that up for them the next time. The fact is that there are certain fantasies that actually turn a man and woman as compared to real scenes. Sharing them and getting to experience them will be fun. Exploring each other’s desire helps to spice up your sex life.

Pinch his ass

Well, intimacy is important in the bedroom. But, having fun is equally important. You might find it a bit weird to pinch his ass but, this works most of the time. You can grab his bum while he starts kissing you. It will surely be a playful gesture and he will definitely enjoy it.

Although, make sure it is quick. Then, just wink at him. Also, do not explain why you did that. You can always do this while bidding him goodbye in the morning after sex. We bet he will spend the rest of the day thinking about you.

Include sex toys

Including props is a great way to add some glamour to your sex life. There is a sex toy for everything available. You can also purchase it online. You can buy something for her clitoris and your penis. Sex toys can get you really hot as compared to foreplay. You can mix them up during sex as well.

Although, remember that sex toys solely will not be fun. Even you will have to put in the efforts. Although, they can surely act as a catalyst to speed up things between both of you.