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Australia is a place that offers my opportunities for living, work and education to people belonging to different fields. Australia being one of the major contributors to the world’s economy is always in the need of talented and skilled individuals who can work for the development of Australia. Every year many skilled individuals make a move to Australia the major reasons behind their migration are listed below:

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  • Australia offers a modern lifestyle equipped with every facility like better housing, hi-tech transport system, world-class education and state of art medical facilities.
  • It is house to many world-renowned universities that welcome a large of international students every year. The Australian government also offers many scholarships and grants to international students that helps and encourages them to complete their educational career in Australia more efficiently.
  • Australia has an economy that is moving along the high pace of worlds growing economy this creates many work-related opportunities and attracts skilled individuals from all over the world to come to Australia and avail these opportunities and help in the development of Australia

These are the major factors that show why Australia is the favorite destination for international migrants. Having a large number of international migrant forces is benefiting Australia in every way as all these skilled talented people are contributing to the development of Australia.

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The Migration

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Changes that year 2020 is offering

The following are some of the significant changes that the year 2020 is offering on the Australia immigration scene.

The new regional skilled visa subclass 491

Australia is greatly emphasizing the development of its regional areas. In this context, it has created many works and education-related opportunities in these areas. The reason is to attract skilled people from all around the globe to stay and work in regional areas of Australia.

The new regional visa subclass 491 allows the skilled individual to come to Australia in live and work in the regional area of Australia for 5 years. The Australian government has allocated a quota of 25,000 places for regional visas this year (2019-2020).

The new employer-sponsored skilled regional visa subclass 494

As discussed above that Australia is stressing on the development of its provisional areas and is offering new visa subclasses to improve the flux of international migrants in these areas. The new employer-sponsored regional visa subclass is also a link in this chain.

The new sponsored employer visa subclass allows an eligible employer to sponsor a skilled individual from overseas to come and work in regional areas of Australia for 5 years. After living and working for 3 years in regional Australia one can apply for Australian PR.

The new point system

There are some changes made in the point system that can prove to be beneficial for some of these are listed as below:

  • The minimum score is the same that is 65 points
  • Being a single applicant can get you 10 extra points
  • Having a skilled partner will get you additional 10 points
  • English competent partner will get you 5 more points
  • Having nominated by the state will earn you 10 more points.

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