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The health and freshness of pool water are two very important things to consider when it comes to the safety of your pool. For safety purposes, and for good health, it is necessary to know if your pool is free from bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms, that might harm health. Considering the fact that your pool water is free from bacteria and harmful viruses, it is necessary to keep a proper check on the health and freshness of your pool.

What’s the Most Ideal Way to Make Sure your Pool Water Stays Fresh and Healthy?

But what is the most ideal way to know, if the pool water is free from Bacteria? Which is the best way to make sure your pool water stays fresh and happy? The answer to all these questions depends on various factors and many other things need consideration.

Ideal Ways to Keep a Check on Health and Freshness

The following are some of the ways that help in keeping a check on the health and freshness of pool water to maintain good health.

1. The pH Level of Pool Water

The first thing that you need to understand in order to make sure if your pool is in good health or not is the pH level of pool water. Getting deep into the details the pool pH level is responsible for letting you know what’s the exact nature of water at the moment. In simple words, the pH level tells if the water is on a base or on the acidic side.

The acidic or basic nature of water is directly related to alkalinity and it is necessary to maintain the pH level of water. If the pH level, is too high, it can make water cloudy, which will not remain good to use. Other than that, if the pH level is quite low, then it might result in surface corrosion. Both situations can lead to serious health issues, which need to be balanced.

It is very important to perform necessary actions to make pool water free from alkaline damage by balancing the pH level. The pure water can neither be pure acidic, pool salt nor basic, it must be neutral. So, that it can stay fresh and free from bacteria or germs.

The pH range of water is from 0 to 14 and the ideal pH level for your pool or Spa must be 7 on the pH scale. Thus, it will not cause any damage to your health and there must be certain tests performed regularly to keep a check on the pH level of water.

2. The Calcium Hardness of Water

Calcium Hardness is another important factor that highly contributes to letting you know if your pool is in good health. The calcium hardness will tell about the hardness or softness of water because harder or softer both conditions will have an impact on freshness and health.

The ideal range of calcium hardness level in water is from 180 to 220 ppm, but keeping it below 400 ppm is acceptable. The higher level of calcium hardness can make water cloudy and as a result, it will not stay fresh. Besides, the higher amount of calcium and magnesium in water will cause various health and skin problems. Maintain a balanced level is very important to make pool water stay fresh and healthy.

3. Chlorine, Cyanuric Acid, and Other Solids

Talking about the freshness and good health, skipping the Chlorine Cyanuric, Acid and other solids available in water will not do justice. Keeping on the number of levels on all of these is also very important in order to maintain good health and freshness.

Although Chlorine is an effective disinfectant and it is also the main ingredient in cyanuric acid. The excessive amount of chlorine in pool water can be fatal for health. It can cause various skin allergies, eye allergies and can cause damage to eyes and lungs. Besides this, cyanuric acid, which is also another prominent element that helps clear water pools. The excessive amount of water can also affect health and can affect the health of the water.

Thus, to make sure that the water in your pool is in good health it is necessary to keep a check on all the above factors. For this, purpose, pool water “test strips” or “pool water test” are the two convenient options. Both methods will help you keep your pool water fresh and healthy.


The ideal health and freshness of pool water are very important to get the best swimming pool slides to experience. Thus, it is necessary to make sure that your pool water is fresh and free from impurities. Keeping in mind the described above factors will help you get a better idea about the health of your pool water. Make sure to consider these factors and follow the necessary steps to improve the health of your pool water.